Cool New Site:

We stumbled upon earlier this week and are already entranced. Founded by Gill Linton and Andrew Rosen in conjunction with prized New York City vintage gods The New World Order, it’s a defiantly slow-burning editorial-meets-e-commerce destination that just may help evolve attitudes about what a fashion site should be. Speaking to Business of Fashion upon Byronesque’s launch, Linton said, ‘Right now the dominant culture is fast. I wanted to slow it down and create something better, something polarizing.’

That means there’s no news, no daily clickbait. Byronesque is more interested in cultivating a long-term worldview; as such, it’s a manifesto, executed as a luxury site. It features a beautifully curated necromantic high-vintage section (including a prohibitively exclusive ‘Back Room), a carefully articulated editorial (with key contributors like Simon Collins and Boy George already onboard), and confessional video chats with likeminded souls (Rad Hourani’s is a must-view). True to its credo, Byronesque is revealing its powers slowly but potently; we anticipate intriguing developments in 2013.

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