Converse Spring 2013 Press Preview

Yesterday CONTRA headed to The Drake Hotel to check out the latest collection Converse had to offer from their Spring 2013 line. Shoes were lined up, bags were hung on exposed brick walls and a few bloggers had their Kodak moment taken in the photo booth in a corner.

Converse presents a color-friendly season. The bright flowery patterns of Marimekko, the DC Comics collabo which surprisingly had a small selection mostly featuring the Man of Steel (from what I remember anyway being in a dark, dark room), and of course, the beat-up trampled stylings of John Varvatos that still remains my favorite to this day.

So what about the new stuff?

For music-themed designs, Green Day was the featured band this season with their American Idiot album art covering the brand’s classic silhouettes, but I think fans will love the Dookie version more for 90s nostalgia sake. Basketball enthusiasts will lunge for the vintage Michael Jordan pack that comes in the blue and white North Carolina and the red and black Chicago Bulls colorways. Yes he’s Nike, but way back in his college days, Converse was what he was wearing on the court. There were a few camos that were impressive, as well as Hawaiian-inspired patterns that the ladies and perhaps even the guys would like. As for my pick? I’ll go for something different this time: a pair of red Chuck Taylor hi-tops–in leather. Simple, clean and the material does give it a nice textured look compared to canvas. Plus, the look works damn well.

photos by Melissa Fox

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