CONTRA tv presents Create + Influence: Episode 15: Gray Market

Create + Influence is a CONTRA tv original series; conversations with the people about ideas that matter most to the creative class.

This fashion friendship started on Style Zeitgeist, an internet forum, that also comes in expensive paper format. Fast forward a few years later, and Gray Market becomes the physical manifestation of an borderline obsessive interest in high-end men’s and women’s clothing. Located in hipster-ridden Williamsburgh, Alex Kasavin and Wei Du, the stores owners, curate a mean looking closet, the envy of cool guys whom, we more than suspect can’t afford a stitch of anything hanging on these racks. Alex and Wei though, are not such people. They have an encyclopedic knowledge of design and a comprehensive understanding of what fashion really means, from garment construction to fabric choices. Taking the economic principle of gray market,¬†the trade of a commodity through distribution channels which, while legal, are unofficial, unauthorized, or unintended by the original manufacturer, Gray Market the store, takes this principle and creates a sort of tounge-in-cheek treasure trove, for those in the know, who are less interested in a label because it’s ‘cool’, and more concerned with a garments craftsmanship; something that always overrides the name on any label.


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