CONTRA tv presents Create + Influence Episode 12 – FIVESTORY

Living in Paris and not sure of what to do or how to feel, a young Claire Distenfeld sought out therapy in retail stores. The experience made her loneliness subside. She had only one question — well, maybe two: why didn’t something like this exist back home in New York City? And, why couldn’t she build it herself? Just three years later, FIVESTORY is a magical retail reality. Set in a townhouse in the East 60’s, the enchanting two-floor boutique, owned by young gallerist Claire and her father, appeals to well-heeled globetrotters bored of the same old, same old, with an expertly edited array of unique apparel, jewelry and shoes. Claire, now a newly minted merchant, zeroes in on untapped talent from near and abroad. Everything in the store is carefully selected and even more carefully placed. Much like surrounding Madison Avenue, this place just feels special. We sat down with Claire who gave us the back story of FIVESTORY. Watch and be enchanted.

Visit FIVESTORY in store and online.

About the Author: Fernando Bendana'