CONTRA tv presents Create + Influence Episode 10 – Hooman Majd

Create + Influence is a CONTRA tv original series; conversations with the people about ideas that matter most to the creative class.

Meet Hooman Majd, man of the world and seemingly of other eras, his gentlemanly demeanor and refined style reflecting a life lived abroad, from Tehran to England and places in between, and his look hearkening back to the iconic style of the American man circa 1940, with a modern twist. He currently calls Brooklyn home, which allows him to be a writer in the best city in the world, with enough distance from the hustle and bustle to raise his young son. Hooman’s career spans the entertainment business (Island Records, Polygram Records, Palm Pictures) and the journalism world, having written for Newsweek, The New York Times, The New Yorker, The New Republic, The Financial Times, Foreign Policy, Foreign Affairs, Politico, The New York Observer, Interview, The Daily Beast, Salon and the like. For our intents and purposes, we were interested in getting to know the inner workings of The House of Majd, his style-centric site, realized with the help of longtime friend and legendary fashion photographer Ken Browar. The two friends share both an aesthetic and philosophy on a way of living. The idea of the site is to showcase a sensibility in sartorial preferences, in style, in architecture and generally in a lifestyle. An acquirer of life’s finer enjoyments — madras pants, leather loafers, seersucker suits, and utilitarian bicycles — Hooman was once knighted as the most stylish man in the world by GQ’s Glenn O’Brien. We have much reason to believe this is the case.

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Naphtali McKenly & Merrill Moskal
Interview Lauren Festa
Music I Can’t Believe You’re in Love With Me – Billie Holiday
Special thanks to Ken Browar for the space.


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