CONTRA tv presents Create + Influence Episode 11 – MOSCOT

MOSCOT, the family frames company that started as a small vendor by grandpa Hyman in 1899 in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, on Orchard Street, has since become one of New York City’s go-to for custom made frames and for customer service unmatched by any other frames shop. The business started and has stayed in the family, with four generations of Moscot’s upholding the family business and name in true Moscot tradition. We sat down with Dr. Harvey Moscot and Wendy Simmons after an intense move — across the street — to a newly renovated space and the new home of the MOSCOT flagship location. Frames sit shining, a wall holds framed photos of the Moscot family that tells a pictorial history, an adjacent wall holds photos featuring the likes of Terry Richardson and James Franco fitted in Moscot, a small stage in the corner holds a set of drums that lends itself to local musicians on any given night. It really is a true New York landmark and mainstay; that glaring yellow sign is hard to miss and served as a sort of unofficial North star in the neighborhood when I first moved here. With a location at 14th Street and one in Brooklyn, the family plans for vertical expansion, fully integrated, rather than spreading themselves franchise thin. Watch the interview above to find out more about this interesting family who help to keep New York’s fabric in plain view.

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About the Author: Fernando Bendana'