CONTRA tv presents Create + Influence: Episode 2 – Matt Barnes

Create + Influence is a CONTRA tv original series; conversations with the people about ideas that matter most to the creative class.
When you sit down to talk to Matt Barnes, your nervousness is quickly dimished by a heavy-handed vodka orange juice and seemingly absorbed by Matt himself, a man who quickly reveals himself to be a kid from a small town with big dreams – “like seeing all my photos published in a thick Taschen book” – sort of like the ones that occupy his giant book case, along with other juicy reads. His ginger beard framing his bumbling mouth, hat worn with the brim just above the eyes for safety – I bet from my picking questions – until of course we talk about where he gets most of his inspiration from and the ‘man under the table’ answer he gives flies over my head – that’s when the nerves really dispell and we both have a laugh, and I realize I’m sitting and potentially getting drunk with an amazingly talented and uncannily humble photographer. Then it is me who’s redder than a just-squeezed nipple. Dear Matt Barnes, you are awesome.

Check out Matt Barnes on Photographer & Muse.

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