CONTRA tv presents Create + Influence Episode 17 – Ryan Andes Handmade

Create + Influence is a CONTRA tv original series; conversations with the people about ideas that matter most to the creative class.

Ryan Andes is a bit of everything, much like the place he calls home. With all its composites, its wonderfulness and many talents, New York has been fundamental in shaping the career of Ryan Andes as far as his accidental line of jewelry will permit. But that’s the great thing about New York. You have a talent, you need a resource, you get the best of the best and the connections are as seemingly instantaneous as they are endless. Using his bellowing voice as an actor and bartender, Ryan takes a quiet approach to art at home, making tiny rivets, buckles and buttons with his own two hands. Something passed down from his youth, working with his dad stuck with him, and a stint at PROJECT – where we first met Ryan – would have him thinking to take things to another level, a passion for handmade objects turned lucrative side-gig. With an appreciation of the finer things in life and feeling that quality clothes deserve finishings to match, Ryan Andes talks us through his process in his Astoria apartment, one that is time consuming, and creating one of a kind, quality metal objects to compliment beautiful, quality clothing, handbags and really anything you can fasten.

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