Casely-Hayford’s Phantasy in Tokyo

A new collection and a mix-tape. Casely-Hayford revel in duality. Ever since the father and son design duo made their quiet and assured entrance in autumn/winter 2009, they have carefully crafted a signature style of relaxed masculine proportions and exquisite tailoring whilst fusing it with an injection of the raw energy of London’s dynamic under belly that constantly inspires them both. The past mixes with the present, tailoring is interwoven with sportswear, conservation dances with rebellion. The Casely-Hayford ethos represents a unique expression of freedom created when conformity threatens identity, or convention restricts spontaneity; they fuse this expression of the free spirit with the very particular gestures of English sartorialism. The House aims to distil a multitude of ideas into a simple pure entity: innovation through tradition. Each season is a deft balance of influences. A remix. For spring/summer 2013, they turn their shared attention to the the rise of the rave scene in the UK and its brief flirtation with Japanese culture.

Reimagining the culture clash between loud rave and subdued Japanese culture, the colour palette merges the vibrant, direct and simplistic colours of rave with the deep, intense, silent richness of Japanese Indigos whilst Subtle and delicate folk influenced patterns and patchwork cross with harsh vibrant prints and relaxed urban sportswear. Two world’s collide beautifully. To compliment the Katinka Herbert shot look book, Casely-Hayford exclusively share a playlist of the music that inspired the collection. From the New Rave of Prodigy to the New Way of How to Dress Well, this is the soundtrack to Casely-Hayford’s Phantasy in Tokyo. Look right, press play and enter Casely-Hayford’s latest exploration in duality.

text/photos via i-D online



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