Blackberry Fig Perfume Oil By Belladonna


According to it’s maker, “Belladonna perfume oil foreshadows danger and begins with notes of violet, lilac, and jasmine, followed by hints of blackberry and fig, [and] grounded on a base of myrrh and vetiver.”

Sure, whatever.

Words are just words, but trust us, this scent is bold enough to make a statement without the wearer saying anything at all – especially the word foreshadowing.

In Italian, belladonna means a beautiful lady, and in English, it refers to a deadly poison. I’d say that’s a winning combination.

Featuring a proprietary blend of a fractionated coconut oil base, which is light, and not at all greasy, this remarkable fragrance absorbs quickly and does not stain. As affordable as it is memorable, you can order it online here.

About the Author: Fernando Bendana'