Band Reunions: Who Is Worth What?

Justin Timberlake, David Bowie, Destiny’s Child, and now Black Sabbath(!) are all, suddenly, back in the music game, calling to mind the recent resurgence of many legacy pop and rock acts. Have you wondered who profited the most from emerging from retirement? The Sun found out, listing the ten most profitable band reunions of the past few years. Take That top the list, raking in over £130 million since they reformed in 2005. Spice Girls rank second, with a significantly less (but still nothing to sneeze at) £25 million. Blur come in third, with £15 million. The full top ten is below:

1. Take That – £130m
2. The Spice Girls – £25m
3. Blur – £15m
4. The Stone Roses – £12m
5. Steps – £10m
6. Madness – £5m
7. Simple Minds – £3m
8. Sex Pistols – £2.5m
9. Pulp – £1.5m
10. Happy Mondays – £750,000

About the Author: Colleen Nika



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